Senior Pet Products Killen Alabama

Once your dog turns senior, he’ll already have different necessities and needs like his type of food as well as other senior pet products . These products will help your aging dog to have a healthy and active life despite his age. Your dog will no longer be able to do the things that he usually do when he was young. To keep him healthy, he needs a combination of exercise, right food and other supplies. In this article we’ll be talking about products you can offer to your senior dog.

Senior Pet Products Killen Alabama

Senior Dog Food

First, lets discuss dog food for aging dog. Picking the right food means giving him the very best for his age. But, it is difficult to select since dogs age differently and have different health needs. Bigger dogs usually turns senior when they turn 6 or 7 years old, while smaller dogs becomes senior at age 9 or 10 years old. Your dog’s desire for food will affect his age as well. If he’s fat, he might age quicker than any other dog. When your dog gets into a new life stage, he will also be needing new set of nutrients to keep him healthy. Senior dog food brands differ a lot in the types of ingredients used, nutrients and taste. Dog food for old dogs have distinct ratio of ingredients and nutrients as compared to the regular adult dog food. Your old dog needs senior diet dog food to maintain his energy and health to keep up with his activities.
Wellness Senior Pet Products
Diet dog food for senior dogs might have the same amount of protein, which is necessary even if your dog ages. He needs enough protein to keep his mass and form. He requires lesser calories and carbohydrates since his activity is reduced. Your dog may suffer constipation so he requires a lot of fiber in his food about 3 to 5 percent each meal. Canned senior dog food may also be suitable for your senior dog. Canned dog foods that are designed for aging dogs are easier to chew, has more essential nutrients and has natural taste for his appetite.

Nevertheless, this changes when your dog has specific health problems. Aging dogs tend to be more susceptible to conditions like kidney failures, diabetes, heart related illnesses, kidney diseases, arthritis and bone tissue deterioration. When your dog has diabetes, you need to find a dog food with less fat and calories but an excellent source of fiber to avoid constipation. If he is experiencing arthritis, a food with a supplement of glucosamine and chondroitin will ease the pain. A heart friendly dog food is also low in fat and calories as well as sodium. Your dog with kidney or liver problems requires a diet with less in high-quality protein. This protein will put stress on his kidney and liver. Dog food for old dogs vary from each other dependant upon your dog’s health condition. So, you have to be aware of his condition. Regular check-up is highly recommended.

Dental Treats

When dog ages, he will become vulnerable to dental issues. It is very important keep his teeth healthy to maintain his appetite. You might need to give him something that will keep your dog’s gums and teeth healthy. Dental treats decreases plaque as well as keep him busy. Some dog dental treats have enzymes and vitamins that works in your dog’s mouth while he eats. If your dog has a healthy teeth and gums, he’ll have no problem eating and will make him live comfortably; avoiding serious dental problems. However, not all dental treats are good for your senior dog. You should know of its components and how it will affect your dog generally.
senior pet products in Killen Alabama

Dog Toys

Senior dogs usually don’t have the interest to play on his own. He may tend to sleep a lot and spends time doing nothing. When your dog gets old, it doesn’t mean you’ll stop playing with him. Engaging him to play will keep him active and healthy. Provide him with toys that will promote movement and thinking, it’s going to help a lot to bring him back to his young form. You will find dog toys that are designed to help your dog with his dental health. Keeping his teeth busy chewing will enhance its health.

Supplements and Medicines

Giving supplements and medicines is not advisable unless you asked your veterinarian about it. There are particular supplements needed by your senior dog because your senior dog food may lack something. But you should be careful because it could react/counter-act the medicine he is taking. So, asking your veterinary will be much safer.

Now we will talk about some other senior dog products that are not that essential but may be appropriate for your dog.


Dog diapers. When your dog becomes senior, you might notice sometime his incapacity to control his pee, they sometimes become incontinent. That leads you to utilize diapers. It is actually wrap around the dog’s tummy and up over the back with a closure that prevents urine from ruining your bedding, carpets and furniture. You can choose diapers for all size. In addition there are disposable and washable types readily available for males and females.

Footwear. Some older dogs needs special shoes to protect their more sensitive foot. If your dog is disabled, they need greater traction to avoid slipping and falling on slippery surfaces. You need to select shoes that are made of light-weight, water-repellent Neoprene, and will your old dog feel like a pup again.
Wellness Senior Diet Dog Food

Beds. Larger senior dogs sometimes love the comfort of beds. Considering they are huge and old, they cannot be sleeping on your bed. Buying him with one will surely make him feel good. There are cheap and easy to use beds that you can regularly change the blankets.

Like humans, your aging dog requires a lot of care and aid as well as specific senior pet products in Killen Alabama . He may be suffering a certain ailment that you do not know, so giving him a treat through check-up will surely relieve the pain he is feeling. There are different ways to show our appreciation to our beloved companion. Though he is not as playful as he was before, or he no longer greet you when you reach home, he’s still your buddy and your friend. Give him the best treatment that he deserve like giving him senior pet products that he needs.

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