Senior Dog Food Longmeadow Massachusetts

Canned Senior Dog Food

Feeding a Senior Dog Longmeadow Massachusetts

Your dog requires senior dog food when your dog reaches its senior years. When your dog reaches its old age, you will observe some changes in his actions like in his motions and eating habits. They take more time in sleeping and often neglect food. This is expected but a bit painful to see your beloved pet getting old. When choosing a dog food, put into consideration your old dog’s needs. Senior dogs have specific dietary needs. Old dogs have a slower metabolism so they tend to be more prone to obesity if you can not manage his diet. They need lower a calorie diet, to avoid obesity and for them to be fitter. Their energy requirement is also low since they are less active as compared when they were young. There are various senior dog food brands that are specifically formulated for aging dogs. They often have less calories and often times have higher fiber content for the old dog’s intestinal activity.

Here we will talk about the basic questions asked by dog owners in relation to senior dog food.

Senior Dog Food Longmeadow Massachusetts

When should you change your dog food to senior dog food? This process depends on the breed and size of your dog. Small dog breeds usually mature faster but once mature, they get old slower. A huge dog breeds age faster once mature. Small dogs are believed senior once they reach the age 10 to 13 years, while huge dogs becomes seniors earlier than small dogs at age 5 to 6 years. If you have a huge dog, you need to feed him earlier with dog food made for seniors. All aging dogs need specific nutrients for them to stay active and healthy. It’s sad to see your dog always tired and sleeping. You might have to speak with your veterinarian to be sure when to change to senior food.

What is a Good Dog Food for Senior Dogs?

Exactly what is a good dog food for senior dogs? You must check the content label of the dog food. An effective dog food for your old dog has a well balanced nutrients that is lower in calories but still have an adequate amount of protein and fiber. A balance of nutrients is important since they already change their needs. Calories are for energetic and young dogs, since your senior dog decreased his activity he only require less. One thing that doesn’t change that much as your dog gets old is their need for protein and fiber; to retain their mass and to avoid bowel problems which old dogs are prone to.

Senior Canned Dog Food

What to feed my aging dog with teeth problems? Feeding a senior dog food to a dog with dental problems requires a major but not abrupt change in your dog food type. If your dog is used to eating dry dog food, he might have a problem chewing it, since it will challenge his teeth and most of the time painful. You can moisturize the dry food by using water or partly mix it with canned dog food. This type of dog food has 70% moisture making it easier to chew and gentle on his teeth. Be sure you choose a senior canned dog food. It has a reduced calorie and most ideal for your aging dog.

senior healthy dog food

What if my aging dog has an organ problem? If your dog is diagnosed with an organ problem, healthy senior dog food might not be an appropriate food for him. However, there are specific food manufactured for dogs with certain condition. If your dog has a kidney problem, he needs a diet that is low in protein. High protein food content will be stressful to his kidney. You will find dog food that has low protein and calorie but still has enough fiber for his stomach. Usually, if your dog has heart, liver as well as kidney problems you should limit sodium, protein and phosphorus in their food. By doing this along with regular check-up and medication, you can improve the health of your dog and extend their life.

Best Canned Dog Food for Senior Dogs Longmeadow Massachusetts

Senior Dog Food
What to feed my obese dog? This is a usual scenario with older dogs. Your pet is less active now than what he was when he was young, so he gains weight faster and becomes fat. It’s cute to see your dog fat, but it may lead to many health conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Managing his diet would be a good idea but it must be proper to avoid complications. As mentioned above, your senior dog needs to reduce his calorie consumption, but it is much better to consult your veterinarian to determine the recommended weight of your dog and his ideal food intake. A veterinarian will assist you to determine your dog’s ideal energy intake. Through this, you will be aware the amount and type of food that is enough for your dog’ maintenance. The best canned dog food for senior dogs have their caloric level per cup information on their label, that will help you decide what’s best for your dog’s diet.

What are the supplements my senior dog needs? When your dog gets old, he will need specific nutrients to keep him healthy and extend his life. These nutrients are not usually contained in most dog food for aging dogs, so you have to supply it through food supplements. If your dog has arthritis, he may need Chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate for his joints. Food supplement is essential when your dog has kidney problems which then causes your dog to absorb less vitamins from his food.

What to do if my dog eat less? Feeding a senior dog may very well be challenging from time to time. This is a usual scenario for senior dogs. They have less appetite than the younger ones. Specific health issues may be the cause of this like dental problems. As pointed out, eating dry food would be hard for your dog if he has a sensitive tooth. Feeding your dog with moisturized food can help his chewing easier. You can choose senior canned dog food that is created for your senior dog. It’s much tenderer than usual and more attractive to him so he can eat more.

Dog food for seniors has been improving in recent years; supplementing most needs of your aging dog. But on what specific ingredients to prevent will depend on the health condition of your dog. When your dog reaches the age of retirement from an active life, it would be good to treat him with a senior dog food that’s best suited to him. If you want to find senior dog food for your older dog, find it here.

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